"buzzing" is a common problem with harps but with a bit of
perseverance you can isolate the problem and fix it....
In the following, we will step by step, check out and identify
the "buzzing" and fix-it.
Harp Help (buzzing)
Step 1....string tie rods touching.
If 2 of the string tie rods are
This can cause buzzing
when strings are plucked.
Remedy....Seperate them
with a long implement such
as a screw driver.
Done! Now check the
others....when they are
all done, play your
harp to see if that has
eliminated the "buzz"
...If not go on to step 2.
Step 2....Loose stringrib nuts.
You can view the stringrib
nut through the top
soundhole in the back of
the harp, there is another
at the bottom, this is
accessed via the soundhole
in the base of the harp.
Even though there is a
spring washer underneath
the nut, it can become
loose and vibrate....hence
Remedy....tighten the nuts
with a 5.5mm socket.
Use this for the top nut
Use this for the bottom nut
Like so....through the base
soundhole (
as viewed through
the lowest back soundhole)
After this is done, try the
harp again.....if "buzzing"
persists....go to Step 3
Step 3 not yet built
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