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From the very start of Denwar Harps, I decided to make the
finish Satin rather than Gloss......mainly because if any damage
occured, the cost to have it repaired professionally (the only way)
would be huge.... So the finish on all our harps is a mix of Satin
Polyurethene and fine furniture oil (3 rubbed coats applied)
The new owner can choose to either use Oil or Polish as continued
upkeep. However be warned that if polish is used (aerosol only,NOT
tub wax) you cannot revert to Oil, as a wax seal will have stop the
oil penetrating and 'feeding' the timber.

Use only bottled fine furniture oil like 'Cedar Oil' or 'Teak Oil'
twice a year.... or more in a dry climate.....brush it on carefully,
leave to soak for 10-15 minutes then buff with a fine haired
hand brush.....
You won't get a shiney finish but oil will feed your harp.

Use only liquid polish in an aerosol spray can......NOT Tub Wax.
I recommend :  GLEEN  from IGA stores
(has real bees wax in liquid form)
Spray the whole harp (not too heavy), leave for a few minutes, then
use a fine haired hand brush to buff up.
You will get a shiney finish but it wont 'feed' the timber like the oil.