Constant string breaking
Constant breaking of the same string(s) needs closer inspection.....
check the possibilities and remedies below.
(Step 3) Check the diameter of the string against your stringing chart.....even 2/3 thousanth
of an inch thicker can cause breakage....not to mention added stress on the harp frame!!!
.....especially if you have done the same to other strings.
If the string is correct with the stringing chart, try putting on a lesser diameter string.
ie .025" instead of .028"...etc. If the string still breaks, go to the next step
String Charts
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(Step 1) Check that you are tuning your harp to the correct pitch. This would have been
stated on your Warranty. Most nylon string harps are tuned to the Key of "C" starting at the
lowest 'C' (red string) and moving up: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C and so on.....
(Step 2) The strings on the top Octave of most harps are strung tightest so as to attain the
high pitch, during extreme weather changes any of these can break unexpectedly, and is
not nesessarily caused by any other problem.....if this happens too often because you live in
a constantly fluctuating weather area, this can become a nuisance and it would become
advisable to replace offending strings with a lesser diameter (see step 3)
(Step 4)  If you are getting string breakages in the top could be because a string
has previously been replace (since leaving the Harpmaker) without realizing that there
is a special way of installing these strings to minimise breakages.......
To see this method......
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