Amplifying a Harp
For those Harpists & Harpers
who use or intend using their Harps for Public
Performing such as Weddings, Resorts, Pubs & Clubs
or just Busking....
After much testing of options we are able to offer Amplification ability
for all our Floorharps....
which includes a fixed Pick-Up connected to a 1/4" Jack imput (set into
the back panel) and a controller unit set into the Right Hand Side panel
of the Harp box.
The Control unit consists of:
1) a 9 volt battery box
2) a Volume Control  
3) a 4 slider Graphic Equalizer
4) a battery test button.

This unit can be installed into New & Existing DENWAR HARPS only.
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Updated: 15th
Aug 2013