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Changing a string
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Before you replace a string
Before you replace a string......unwind the
tuning peg a few turns, as sometimes the peg
"screws"into the harp head.......

If after replacing a string, the tuning peg
slips.....tap it lightly with a hammer (from
the key side) to re-seat it. The best practice
is to apply
light "push" pressure on the key
while you tune up, there-by keeping the peg
constantly re-seated.......
*      If you tap the peg in beyond the other
pegs, or if you have tried everything and
your string still  slips...then.....Tap the peg
right out and place a piece of nylon string
(.025") in the hole.....then tap the pin back
in, then slice off the protruding pieces with
a cutting knife (using it flat against the harp
so as not to mark it) Then try again. If that
does not hold....try again with a thicker
piece of string (.028")
If that does not hold, check the string
chart to make sure you are not using a
thicker string as this will not only cause
"string-slip" but will put extra stress on
the bow and could eventually cause serious

When winding strings to pitch, you may
need to frequently tap the pegs back, so that
they do not wedge too tightly and possibly
split the harp head. (both pegs and holes are
This may seem like "Too much trouble" but by
doing this you will "pad" out the hole in the peg
and eliminate frequent string breakages......
Before you begin: click here to see Video
Another Video for changing top strings