These words are taken from  an old book I once "found" while
going through a time of trouble,it helped me then...and has often
helped me since.....To keep me  on the path of my destiny!
I sincerely hope it helps you too.....
  I  put a different segment from  the above mentioned book on this  page from
time to time, as I feel the wisdom  is too
great to keep undisclosed.....Denny
Life means far more than any of us dream of....
It is not mearly passing through the world with a fair measure of comforts,
with enough bread for our hunger, with enough raiment to keep us warm.
Life means growth into the image of Christ himself, into strength,
into well rounded character,into disiplined manhood and womanhood,
into the blessed peace of God.
But the peace into which he guides us, is victory over all the trials,
a quietness and confidence which no external circumstances can break.....
Character never can be strong,noble and beautiful, nor can conduct be
worthy of intelligent beings bearing God's image, unless scripture truth be
wrought into the very soul by personal search and pondering. Let us not
stay forever in the primer of religeous knowledge, amid the easy things
that we have learned at our mothers knee.
There are glorious things beyond these:  let us go on to learn them.
The word of Christ can get into your heart to dwell in you and transform
you only through intelligent thought and pondering.
Unless words mean nothing,unless the scriptures cheat us with poetical
images and illustrations, Christ feels our grief and every struggle, and
sympathizes with us in each one....Remember how his heart responded
when he was on earth to all human need. Sorrow stirred his compassion.
Every cry of distress went to the depths of his soul..... That heart is still
the same.When angels are thronging about him,and a poor weary
sufferer in some lowly home on earth, or a stricken penitent, crouching
in some darkness, reaches out a trembling finger-tip of faith and touches
the hem of his garment, he turns about with a loving look and asks.....
There is tremendous power in the little syllable...."NO",when spoken
resolutely and courageously.  It has often been like a giant rock by the sea
as it has encountered and hurled back the mighty waves of temptation.
It is a majestic power the power to say "NO" to everything that is not right.
But it is just as important to say "YES",there comes to us offers and
solicitations we must not reject, and opportunities we must not thrust away.
Life is not all resistance and defence. Whatever is wrong we must meet
with a firm, strong, uncompromising "NO",  But whatever is right we
should welcome into our life with a hearty, cheerfull, "YES".
God does not dole out help by little grains....He pours out blessings until there  is
no more room to recieve. He gives until our emptiness is altogether filled. He is
never done giving, even when you cease recieving....he could give far more.
Nothing limits the supplies we can recieve from God, save our capacity to recieve.
He would give infinitly if we had the capacity to
recieve infinitely, and the only reason we are not supplied in this glorious way,
according to Gods riches, is because we will not take all that God would give. The
only thing that stands in the way of our being blessed to the full..... is the
smallness of our faith.
We ought not to expend all our keen-sighted-ness in discovering our
neighbours little faults. By some strange perverseness in human nature, we have
far keener eyes for flaws and blemishes in others than for the
lovely things that are in them.  Not many of us go about talking to every one we
meet about our neighbors good points, and praising the lovely
things in them.  Not a few of us, however, can tell of an indefinate number of
faults in many of our neighbours.  Would it not be well to change this......and
begin gossiping about the good and beautiful things.........about OTHERS.
There are some good people who seem to want to be your friends and to
do you good,but they stay at a distance, and never come "near" you.
Then there are others who draw close to you, look into your eyes and
touch you with their hands.  You know the difference between these two
ways of helping.   The former gives you only "cold" help, with no part of
themselves, no tender sympathy;   The latter may give you really less of
material help, but they pour a portion of their own warm life into your soul.
Christ, never withheld his touch;  He always gave a part of himself.
We should be the touch of Christ to others. His love should tingle in our very
fingers, when they touch others.....
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Write deep in your heart this day, the word of sublime confidence, JEHOVAH-JIREH......It
tells you
that you can trust God always; that no promise of his ever fails; that he does all things well;
that out of all seeeming loss and destruction of human hopes HE brings blessing.
There will be sorrows and joys this year, just as there was last year. you cannot forcast
individual experiences.You cannot see a step before your feet. Yet JEHOVAH-JIREH calls
you to enter a new life with calm and trust. It bids you to put away all anxieties and
Sympathy of Christ
We need never be anxious about "our mission".. We need never be perplex in the least in trying
to know what God wants us to do, what place he wants us to fill.  Our whole duty is to do well, the
work of the present hour.  There are some people who waste entire years wondering what God
would have them do......and expecting to have their life-work pointed out to them.     But that is
not the divine way.     If you want to know Gods plan for you, do Gods will each day;
That is Gods right time, and then "that" will be Gods plan for you, and your mission......
" Our lives we cut on a curious plan, Shaping them, as it were, for man;
But God, with better art than we,Shapes them for eternity........"
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