for Denwar Harps
Timbers used
All Professional & Student harps are made
from "Aussie" timber, felled and lost or
rejected intimes passed....some left lying in
the forest for over 100 years, yet revealing
supurb mature timber under a crust
of rotted sapwood......
No timbers used from standing
trees or Asian imports.....
All prices quoted will be for
harps made in Camphor Laural with 5%
added for Silky Oak & 10% added for
Australian Red Cedar,               .
(not to be confused with Western red
cedar) This timber is used because of
it's fine qualities:
Very strong
Very lightweight
    Very attractive color
  and graining.
Even though this timber is scarce
(It has been used for making
superior furniture for over 200 years.
DENWAR HARPS are known as
much for the timber used, as they are
for their workmanship and sound
reproduction......so we are going to
continue to use  Aust Red Cedar and
Silky Oak for as long as we can obtain it.

Soundboards are hardwood laminate
unless otherwise stated, this is
very stable and produces a good sound.
If you require a solid timber S/B..... please
Tuning pegs are traditional,going
through the head,with tuning done
with the right hand.
From 1st October 2004, all
new harp orders will be made with
solid brass tuning pegs.
Tuning pegs,soundboard eyelets,
are all made of brass....Bridge pins
are chrome and are adjustable
 Chrome semi-tone levers can be
added at extra cost......
Only Genuine nylon harp strings
are used.........
Nylon mono filament strings
are used on Lap harps and higher
end of Floorharps.

N/N strings (nylon with nylon wrap)
are used from Strings #27-#30 the
lower end has Wound Wire strings

SFB strings (Wire wound strings)
are used on the very low end of
larger Floorharps.)
String Charts