Tuning your harp
     (3)  MP3 Tuner
From the HARP HELPS page
you can download a soundfile
that will play an Octave (C to C)
and you can tune your own
harp to the sound.  (By ear) as
it is playing......
Each string is named starting
from the "C" and working up to
an octave "C"......... ie
Now do it again and tune each
string to those sounds, starting
with your "Cs" (Reds) and work
your way up each octave.

If you save this file you can use it
to tune your harp anytime using
either your MP3 player or any
computer, for free.
(courtesy of DENWAR HARPS)
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There are a number of ways to tune your harp:
Electronic tuner .... like a guitar tuner
only a
chromatic version so that all the notes you
need to tune are there.
Much cheaper these days,
a better way for those who don't have a "good ear"
(2) Tune by "ear" using another instrument
that has the notes needed for the harp:
ie.  c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c. These instruments must be
accurate (some piano's are tuned down half a
key)....ideally a harmonica (not blues harp) or
penny whistle or recorder in the key of "C"
is preferable but electronic keyboards are OK.
When tuning up, it is best to
tune all the "C"s (red) first
next all the "Fs" (blue/black)
then fill in with the rest......
MP3 tuner