Learn to play the Kinnor(part 2....Techniques)
This page covers fingering techniques.....They are not playing
styles but "building blocks" that can be inserted into your playing
to add "color" to your creations.......
Each of the soundbites are direct recordings using an inexpensive
ceramic pick-up, without a pre-amp, and using a low 11025kbps
for faster internet download.
If you have "dial-up" connection
you may need to play each wave again for unfragmented sound.
(1) This first one is called  "Waves"
By gently running a digit across
all the strings....
(down, using thumb and/or up) using
1st or 2nd finger........ to hear it.
(2) "steppedwaves" is the same as
"waves" except you pluck 3 notes
individually followed by a pause,
then the next 3 followed by a pause,
and so on.....(down and/or up)
          to hear it.
(1a) Now hear it inserted into a tune.
(2a) Now hear it inserted into a tune.