Learn to play kinnor Part3....Chords and Melody.
This page covers "chords" (2 or 3 notes simultaneously plucked to make
a harmonious sound)
    These can be used as part of a tune or to accompany a singer.
(1) .....2 note chords.
This is achieved by plucking any 2
alternate strings.....
"click" to hear it
(high)  A,G,F#,E,D,C,B,A,G,F#,E,D   (low)
          1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  9, 10,11,12.
(2).... Now 2 note chords formed in a "round"
(4 X 2 note chords)  work out your own
favourite sounds......
"click to hear it
Now you can learn to pick out a Melody....

To start a song/tune in a Major sound, start it
on the lowest G string)......
  To play a song in a Minor sound, start it
on the lowest E string......
From there pick out your favourite tunes....
ie: Amazing grace...start on (G)
  If you familiarize yourself with the sound
that comes from each chord or string, you will
be able to play any tune in your mind or heart.
At the very least you will be able to make
random pleasing sounds to meditate to......