Denwar Harps....Timber used
We use 2 different timbers for our harps....
Australian Red Cedar (Toona Ciliata) not to be
confused with Western Red Cedar)

Silky Oak (blond) or
Northern Silky Oak (pink tinged)
<<<This stave has 'fiddleback' an
attractive graining but is not so strong and
is only used in the body.....not the bow.
If planks have different figuring, then we
place the
best on the sides of the harp.
This harp bow has some "flare"
in it, and is attractive but not
common..... >>>>  
<<< These staves has been 'mirror'
matched.....we do this whenever
possible....these staves are particularly
well figured.
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2 Typical examples of Silky Oak.